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NEW 3D MAZES Great Gift for Maze Lovers



Spacemazes takes advantage of children’s natural desire to learn. While they explore the exciting new mazes, they acquire mathematical skills that will help them do well on aptitude tests and enable them to become better Doctors, Chemists or Engineers.Examples of the 3 dimensional maze follow the reviews.

In Spazemazes the  maze puzzles become gradually more challenging. (see table of contents, below)
A 4 dimensional maze is a the end of the maze book. It is the only 4D Maze in print.

Are you looking for ways to help your child with mathematics? Do you like a challenge that is engaging and fun? My grandchildren and I just completed the final maze in Spacemazes by Aaron and Peter Landesman. Our family played and worked together to solve many of the mazes in this excellent collection.
Spacemazes provided our family with opportunities to think of solutions, and to talk with one another about possibilities, in order to ultimately find our way “home” in each of the challenges in this wonderful collection of multidimensional mazes.
Solving the puzzles in Spacemazes helped us learn about coordinates, geometry, operations, positive and negative numbers, and other number systems in an informal way. The more mazes we tried, the better we became at thinking about and moving in three-dimensional space.
We learned to persist, to cooperate, and support one another’s ideas as we moved from simpler to more difficult mazes. We also created mazes of our own for others to solve. And, while I don’t recommend that you peek, Spacemazes also provides solutions.
Submitted by
Grace D. CoatesDirector,
University of California at Berkeley

Spacemazes the new book of maze puzzles for kids, which improves their math skills. These creative mazes engage the children like no other gift for kids. Their mind grow as the mazes become more difficult.

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Cool mazes are the best mazes. They continually engage the growing mind with new maze puzzles.
The maze puzzles are the most satisfying type of puzzle gifts because the may be completed successfully in a short amount of time. These special mazes are among the most creative mazes available. The 3D mazes are easy to do and become more difficult later in the book.

3d mazes are great games for the mathematical child. They are math puzzles: that is they are math games. The kid will not be able to put down the maze book. He will dream about 3d mazes. Of all the cool maze books space mazes is the best maze book.

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Spacemazes takes advantage of children’s natural desire to learn. While they explore the exciting new mazes, they acquire mathematical skills. Satisfied by every twist and turn, your child will learn how to move in 3 dimensional space.Babies first learn how to crawl around the floor in 2 dimensions. As they explore, their curiosity leads them to venture toward the edge of a bed or sofa where they learn about the 3rd dimension(height). As babies grow into toddlers and young children, they learn to climb, jump, kick a soccer ball up into the air, or dive into a pool of deep water and gradually develop an intuition about moving in 3 dimensions. Spacemazes helps children learn useful skills that airplane pilots must know in order to fly, that submarine commanders and space captains must know in order to steer a ship in three dimensions, that doctors and biologists must know in order to understand the 3-dimensional pathways that chemicals travel in the body, and that visitors to New York City must know in order find their way through Grand Central Terminal, the Port Authority Bus Terminal or Macy’s six-story store.Aaron is an ordinary child who loves mazes. Looking for new challenges, he and his Daddy, Peter, developed the 3 dimensional mazes shown in this book. While Aaron was playing with mazes, his Dad, a mathematics teacher, was helping his son learn math. You can recreate the same enjoyable experiences when you read this book with your child: mazes + math = fun.In this book, one learns about 3-dimensional space as well as related elementary mathematical concepts such as 3-dimensional size, coordinates, negative numbers and base 2 arithmetic. Introducing these ideas to children, when in pre-school and the early elementary grades, will enable them to understand these concepts more fully when they are formally presented at a later stage in school. Mathematics is a language with a specialized vocabulary that should be introduced to children at as early an age as possible. One’s understanding of mathematical concepts grows over time through repeated exposure.Aaron and Peter

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction to Mazes 5
Chapter 2 Introduction to 3 Dimensional Mazes
Chapter 3 Mazes Without Helping Ladders
Chapter 4 The Size of a Maze
Chapter 5 4 by 4 by 3 Mazes
Chapter 6 Number Mazes
Chapter 7 6 by 4 by 3 Mazes
Chapter 8 Subtraction Number Mazes
Chapter 9 4 by 4 by 4 Mazes
Chapter 10 Negative Number Mazes
Chapter 11 6 by 4 by 4 Mazes
Chapter 12 Coordinates in 3 Dimensions
Chapter 13 8 by 4 by 5 Mazes 1 (Practicing coordinates)
Chapter 14 3 by 3 by 3 by 2 Mazes (The only 4 dimensional maze in print)

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This book of space mazes is the best book of challenging mazes ever written.